OAC/USA is trusting the Lord to use this ministry to impact 25 cities in America with the gospel through open air evangelism and other ministry by means of strategic establishment of branch ministries by the year 2025.

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Create a Strategy for Reaching Your Jerusalem

Church and OAC evangelist at joint outreach
Church team with OAC evangelist at joint outreach

We can come to your city, town, or village and help you design an outreach strategy to you reach your hometown. The strategy always begins in prayer because we can do nothing without God and need His guiding and leading to reach people. As evangelists God has called us to equip the saints so that each individual can more effectively reach people in their own sphere of influence. Included in the plan for reaching your community we give classes in evangelistic motivation, relational evangelism, communication skills, object lessons and visual aids, apologetics, and, answering objections.

Through the experience of participating in open air evangelism, many believers find a boldness and enthusiasm for winning souls that they had never known before.

Kids’ Bible Clubs

One of the ways we reach communities is through weekly Bible Clubs. These Kids’ Bible Clubs become a link to the parents that potentially lead to the beginning of an Adult Bible Study. We can come to your church and show you how to get a Kids’ Bible Club started that will reach your community. Then we will supply the training and access to the resources to get your Community Bible Club started. The design of this program will utilize your people with their spiritual gifts to make a sucessful Kids’ Bible Club. We will also help you with the initial outreach and then you can continue from there. OAC will continue to be available to help you with any hurdles you may encounter and we would love to visit from time to time as guest teachers.

OAC evangelist speaking with children at a block party
Block parties provide your church with an opportunity to reach your surrounding community

Block Parties

One of the ways to introduce your church to your community is through a block party. This is accomplished by inviting the community to your church property for food, games (moon bounces, dunking machines, etc), music, drama, testimonies, and a Gospel presentation. We will help you design a program utilizing the people and their spiritual gifts to accomplish this outreach. We will supply the preaching. You can provide an information booth with information on all your ministries and Bible studies that are available to the community. This is a good place to announce and provide a sign up for a weekly Kids’ Bible Club.