OAC/USA is trusting the Lord to use this ministry to impact 25 cities in America with the gospel through open-air evangelism and other ministry by means of strategic establishment of branch ministries by the year 2025.

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Kurt & Shoshanah Schafli


Kurt Schafli, founder of OAC Switzerland, was saved during the Christmas season in 1975 at the age of 21. He was attending the first European Youth Conference for Missions in Lausanne, Switzerland and the following week clearly felt God calling him into full-time service. Instead of remaining in banking, his field of training and expertise, he went to England, studied language and took courses at Capernwray Bible School as well as London Bible College. In the midst of all this, he married Shoshanah and they helped out at the House of Rest, a Christian guest house, as interim warden. During this time, they had been visiting a Kibbutz in Israel, assisting farmers, working in mission offices and helping prepare for the second European Youth Conference for Missions in 1980.

It was at this time that God called them into full-time service with OAC. At this youth conference, God used Kurt's language skills to guide them into OAC work by translating from English into German and French at the same time. This answered Kurt's prayer that he would join a mission who wanted to use ALL his God-given talents. Three years later, after OAC training in Germany and England, he was allowed to represent OAC at the third European Youth Conference for Missions.

Opening up OAC Switzerland allowed Kurt to use all his gifts, including bookkeeping and developing new ideas which needed to be adapted to the Swiss culture. In 1985, OAC Switzerland was duly constituted and opened a publishing department called Ephratha Verlag. Its tools are currently sold and used world-wide, often given away to those who cannot afford to purchase such gospel-oriented materials.

Today, his pioneering spirit is challenged as he ministers amongst the natives of North America. His greatest joy would be to equip a native in OAC evangelism. He also conducts outreach in the Wyoming prison system. In summer the Schaflis are busy with open-air meetings and Bible Camps.

Kurt also teaches Creation Science, including Archaeology and the Bible, having participated / visited digs in Israel and Jordan. Shoshanah paints "Hebrew Culture" pictures complementing their historical presentations on the people of Israel, the Swiss Reformation, plus much more.

Kurt and Shoshanah have three children who are Lukas, Rebekka and Ephraim and seven grandchildren, Sayde, Heidi, Nadiyah, Isaac, Samuel, Elliot, and Felix. Recreational times are spent hiking with his family. They enjoy Wyoming's beautiful lakes and the mountain ranges. Other activities include swimming, skiing, tennis, ping-pong and "pow-wows." Please pray for this crucial ministry as there is a native awakening toward spiritism these days. May the Chief over all spirits become real among the red population.

Anniversary: 9/9/77

Kurt 7/29
Shoshanah 6/6

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